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Don’t Forget Those Nominee 1099s

In Tax by Toby Mathis

For tax purposes, if you receive, in your name, income that actually belongs to someone else, you are also a nominee. Being a nominee means you must file with the IRS a 1099 form…

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Is a 1031 Exchange Right for You?

In Real Estate by Clint Coons

If you own real property that you could sell for a substantial profit, you may have wondered whether there’s a way to avoid or minimize the taxes that would result from such a sale. The answer is yes, if the property is business or investment related.

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Large Employers Must Offer Affordable Health Coverage Beginning In 2015

In Financial by Toby Mathis

In general, beginning January 1, 2015, employers with at least 100 full-time and full-time-equivalent employees must offer affordable health coverage that provides minimum value to at least 95% of their full-time employees and their dependents or they may be subject to an employer shared responsibility payment. This payment applies only if at least one of the employer’s full-time employees qualifies for a premium tax credit through enrollment in a government Health Insurance Marketplace.

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Avoid Tax Surprises: Report Life Changes to the Health Insurance Marketplace

In Tax by Clint Coons

If you are enrolled in insurance coverage through a government Health Insurance Marketplace, it is important that you report certain changes to the marketplace when they happen, such as changes to your household income or family size and other issues that affect your eligibility for and the amount of the advance premium tax credit